86-95 Rx7 13B Side Seal Set (N3Y1-11-C11)

86-95 Rx7 13B Side Seal Set (N3Y1-11-C11)

Twelve Factory OEM Mazda Side seals

We prefer the side seals Mazda offers which are longer that require hand fitting so that you can attain a tighter fit between side seal and corner seal to allow maximum compression and no blow by.

Every rotor is different so it is better to get them longer to custom fit each slot, these are cheaper also than the pre-cut versions. You will need to remove approximately 0.05"(1.28mm) from each side seal. Slowly remove the material and try fitting them til you get an ideal fit of 0.002" - 0.006" (0.05mm - 0.15mm) with a maximum limit of 0.0157" (0.4mm).

Do not use with lapped side housings.

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