86-95 Rx7 13B 2mm Atkins Apex Seal Set (ARE13-2)

86-95 Rx7 13B 2mm Atkins Apex Seal Set (ARE13-2)

These will not work with a Renesis Rx8 engine.

All of our apex seals are heat treated. The material for these seals has been developed by David Atkins over his extensive racing career in order to exceed stock apex seal life and durability. We have customers running 7 second quarter mile times with these seals. Customers use them in a wide variety of applications including turbo, NOS, superchargers, and naturally aspirated applications.

Detonation will ruin any apex seal, none are immune from this problem. Some apex seals will bend under detonation, and become useless, due to lack of compression, these may break but they will do so inside of the rotor and save your housings. The benefit of these is that they can takes much more abuse before breaking than other seals can before bending.

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