Rebuild Kit Chart

By far the most common questions we get are:

What rebuild kit do i need?

We get a lot of returned rebuild kits because people purchase them before tearing their engine apart first to determine what parts do and do not need to be changed. A rebuild kit gets ordered and the engine gets torn down only to find that there are little to no re-usable parts inside, and a return is requested.

There is a 20% restocking fee on all returns, which adds up quick on a rebuild kit.

Please do not ask us to guess what rebuild kit you need. If you must purchase the rebuild kit first then start with something like an o-ring kit, that is cheap and can be supplemented with further parts down the road.

I need a rebuild kit with everything, what do you suggest?

Everybodies definition of "everything" is different, thats why we have many rebuild kit options. Please tear the engine apart before ordering a rebuild kit so you can determine what you need.

A good place to start with any rebuild is our comprehensive rebuild DVD.

Part DescriptionKit AKit BKit CMaster KitRotor KitClosing Kit
Overhaul Gasket KitXXXX  
O-Ring KitX XXX 
Apex Seals XXXX
Apex Seal SpringsXXXXX
Solid Corner Seals XXXX
Corner Seal PlugsX     
Corner Seal SpringsXXXXX
Side Seals XXXX
Side Seal SpringsXXXXX
Oil O Rings (Inserts)XXXXX
Oil Conrol Rings XXX  
Oil Ring Springs  X   
Front Main SealXXXXX
Rear Main SealXXXXX
Thermal Pellet (86+)XXXXX
Rotor & Main Bearings  X   
Oil Pump Chain   X  
Thrust Bearings   X  
Oil Filter   X  

Our rebuild kits are available with or with out apex seals, in 2mm or 3mm where applicable, and you are able to upgrade them with cryogenically treated parts, please click on the kit you wish to see to learn more about it.

YearKit AKit BKit CMaster KitRotor KitClosing Kit
74-78 13B$425.00$1350.00$1250.00$1445.00$500.00$700.00
79-85 12A385.00$1045.00$1150.00$945.00$550.00$750.00
84-85 13B$450.00$1050.00$1250.00$1050.00$500.00$700.00
86-88 13B N/A$350.00$1000.00$1250.00$1050.00$600.00$700.00
87-88 Turbo$925.00$1890.00$2054.00$2200.00$600.00$700.00
89-91 N/A$350.00$1000.00$1250.00$1050.00$600.00$700.00
89-91 Turbo$600.00$1250.00$1400.00$1825.00$600.00$700.00
93-95 Turbo$950.00$1900.00$2150.00$2065.00$660.00$800.00
04-08 Rx8 (6-Port)$750.00$1300.00$1500.00$1500.00$675.00$700.00
04-08 Rx8 (4-Port)$700.00$1200.00$1400.00$1300.00$675.00$700.00
09-11 Rx8$605.00$1950.00$1535.00$1550.00$675.00$700.00


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