86-95 Rx7 Basic Engine Closing Kit (ARE146)

86-91 Rx7 Basic Engine Closing Kit

See description below for kit contents.

You may also consider adding hylomar to this rebuild kit to make your job of installing the water jacket seals easier.

Please choose the water jacket seals you prefer below, you can choose the standard inner red water jacket seals or Atkins Brown Seamless Water Jacket Seals.

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Atkins Rotary Specialties
  • $700.00
    • SKU
    • Weight
      4 lbs
  • Manufacturer
    Atkins Rotary Specialties
  • Water Jacket Seal Type
    Atkins Brown Water Jacket Seals, Red Water Jacket Seals
  • Apex Seal Type
    Atkins Apex Seals, Cryo Atkins Apex Seals, No Apex Seals, Mazda Apex Seals
  • Apex Seal Size
    2mm Rotors, 3mm Rotors
  • Corner Seals
    Solid Corner Seals, Cryo Solid Corner Seals, Mazda Corners & Plugs
  • Side Seals
    Stock Side Seals, Cryo Side Seals

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