79-11 Rx7 Flywheel Ring Gear Brake (ARE923)

79-11 Rx7 & Rx8 Flywheel Ring Gear Brake (ARE923)

This will fit earlier engines as well.

This bolts to the top two transmission bolts holes closest together on the intake side of the rear cast iron.

One side is fits the non-turbo teeth on the flywheel, flip it over to use the other teeth for the turbo flywheel.

This will not fit automatic Rx8 engines, unless maybe you used a huge stack of washers to line up the teeth, or got creative with the spacer; however this is not supported nor guaranteed to work.

Do not fit Rx8 Formula Mazda Flywheels.

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Stop your flywheel from turning while you are removing the flywheel nut.

Flywheel stopper/stop

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