Which rotary rebuild kit do I need to rebuild my engine?

This is the most common question we get, and there is no magical answer to it. Rebuild kits range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to well over one thousand. Our most common returns are from people ordering a rebuild kit before they disassemble their engine.

 We suggest that you tear your engine down first before purchasing a rebuild kit. This will prevent you from ordering parts you may not need or not ordering enough parts for your rebuild. A good place to check differences between our rebuild kits is our Rebuild Kit Chart. 

 Please don't ask us for a complete rebuild kit, everybody has a different definition of a complete and entire rebuild kit, we cannot possibly accommodate every single situation.

 A good place to start with any rebuild, especially if it's your first, is our comprehensive Rotary Engine Rebuild DVD. 

My order failed, but the money was taken out of my account, why is this?
Im having issues with my credit card when placing an order.

If you use an incorrect billing address associated with your card our processor will decline the transaction and your bank will have the money pending until they figure out it, usually a couple days. Be sure to use your correct billing address associated with your credit card, failure to do so will put your funds in a state of limbo with your bank and if you don't have enough funds for a second try even with a correct billing address your order may be declined again for lack of funds.

You may run into problems if you are an international customer and your credit card does not support AVS system (Address Verification System).

you will not be able to place an order if using a VPN, please disable your VPN before placing at order.

Do you accept paypal?

We no longer accept paypal.

What is your return policy?

Please see our return policy here. 

Ship the parts back to us with a copy of the invoice and a note saying you would like to return the parts. There is a 20% restocking fee on returned items. This is why we suggest tearing your engine apart before ordering a rebuild kit, see here: Atkins Rebuild Kits

How much would my order cost in my country's currency?

You can convert any currency here. 

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.
 Due to the recent influx of credit card fraud, you will not be able to place an order if using a VPN, please disable your VPN before placing at order.

If you are first time customer making a large purchase we may refund you and require that you send funds via wire tranfer or certified check. Once we have a financial working relationship we will accept credit cards from you.

Will I be charged tax on my order?

We will only charge you tax if we are shipping to Washington State, however if you are an international customer your own countries customs will probably charge you a VAT tax. Typically customs fees will cheaper if your items are shipped via USPS, and more expensive with UPS. We are not responsible for your country's customs fees. That is the customers responsibility.

What does the cryogenically treatment process achieve?

See this page explaining the Cryogenic Process 

Can i swap or omit parts in rebuild kits?


Will UPS ship to a Post Office Box (PO Box)?


Still have a question?

Please contact us.

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