Rx8 Take Off Parts

Star Mazda started a racing series back in the 90s, they ordered entire turn key engines from Mazda.

When they received the turn key engines they took off most of the external parts such as wire harnesses, intake manifolds, fuel rails, front covers, coils, alternators, flywheels, etc, and threw them in boxes. These parts were installed on the turn key engines from Mazda but were never used.

We ended up with all these parts and are now passing the savings on to you.

We can't exactly sell them as new since they aren't directly out of a Mazda box, but these parts are essentially brand new, in fact, you may even get extra new parts attached to the take off part.

We call these parts "Take Off" parts.

These parts have zero highway miles, zero miles at all. The only way you can tell that they aren't directly new in box is the marks where they were bolted to an engine. Sometimes you can see bolt/nut marring, but that's it!

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