01-05 Miata Racing Beat Spark Plug Wires (51007)

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The Racing Beat ULTRA 7mm Red Hot Ignition Wire Sets for the 2001-2005 Miata and the 2001-2003 2.0 L Protege utilize silicone rubber for both the 7mm wire insulation and boots, with a minimum rating of 100,000 volts in all areas. The silicone rubber is designed to withstand continuous temperatures ranging from -60 degrees F to +480 degrees F. Brass "screw-together" connectors are double-crimped onto the zinc-clad, stranded copper wire ends to provide absolute contact with no possibility of deterioration. The silicone boots seal watertight at the spark plugs and ignition coil for added protection. A unique design feature seals a wire wound resistor inside the spark plug terminal to optimize noise suppression and power.


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With the release of the 2001 Miata and the 2001 Protege, Mazda incorporated "ignitor" units into the ignition system design. The use of these ignitors eliminates the need for a traditional 4-wire spark plug wire replacement set. This new design positions an ignitor above one spark plug, with a traditional plug wire connecting the short distance to an adjacent spark plug. There are two ignitors, and two wires in this arrangement. (See photo.)

So why offer a spark plug wire replacement set for two very short wires? Our initial research found that there were significant resistance differences between these stock wires. We fabricated a set of ULTRA wires and installed them on a special project Miata that we were working on. While undertaking a series of dyno tests during a header test session, we conducted some back-to-back testing with the ULTRA and stock wires and noticed a very slight .5-1 HP gain with the ULTRA wires. Now these aren't the most pavement shaking gains we've ever measured, but they were gains nonetheless!

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