99-00 Miata Tubular Front Sway Bar (54103)

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Racing Beat-designed front tubular sway bar for the 1999-2000 Miata reduce chassis roll in turns and increase your car's sensitivity to steering inputs, thereby improving maximum cornering power. Substantial engineering effort, select steel alloys, and precise manufacturing techniques are combined to produce top performance components. All Racing Beat sway bars are finished with a distinctive, red powder coating, which provides a smooth, glossy protective layer. You can be assured of many years of superior handling performance with these proven bars!

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1999-00 Miata (Intended Application)
Racing Beat specifically designed this bar for 1999-2000 Miata applications. Our testing on 1999-00 Miata models has shown that this 1.125" OD bar, combined with our Racing Beat rear sway bar, improves the handling of the Miata and provides superb handling balance.

Note: The even larger 1.25" OD bar (PN 54106) that we offer can be installed on the 1999-00 Miata, but is only recommended for experienced individuals that are seeking to alter the handling characteristics to suit a specific usage.

2001-05 Miata - Not Suggested - Use 1.25" OD bar
With the 2001 model year we have found that the car exhibited a very different handling characteristic than the 1999-00 cars. During evaluation of the 2001 car, we noticed that this car displayed a tendency to low-speed, power oversteer. We prototyped a larger front bar for the 2001 model to correct this oversteer tendency. This led to the development of a larger 1.25" tubular bar for this application, which we recommend for the 2001-05 models. While this smaller 1.125" bar can be used on the 2001-05 applications, in our opinion the larger 1.25" bar offers a better handling balance. If either bar is used on 2001-05 applications, we do not recommend the use of the Racing Beat rear bar.

This bar is 1.125" OD (3/16" wall) and is supplied with an upgraded clamp, replacement urethane bushings, Prothane bushing grease, and detailed installation instructions. Manufactured by Racing Beat, every bar is designed with two endlink mounting holes and is finished with a red, durable powder-coat finish.

To view a chart of our Miata Sway Bar Application Guide (PDF), click here.

Additional Recommended Components

Due to the strength of Racing Beat Tubular Bars we strongly recommend the use of the following components with these bars.

1. Lower Control Arm (LCA) Attachment Flange Kit

2. Sway Bar End Links (Options):

A) The stock end links may be used, but damage may occur to the LCA attachment bracket (See above). (We do not recommend this option.)

B) Our Heavy Duty Sway Bar End Link Kit can be used in place of the stock links, but we strongly recommend the addition of the Lower Control Arm (LCA) Attachment Flange Kit with these links. (We do not recommend this option.)

(Recommended Option)
C) Use of the Heavy Duty Sway Bar Endlink Kit and the Lower Control Arm (LCA) Attachment Flange Kit.

3. Sway Bar Brace Kit

When adding high performance suspension components to any vehicle, the result is an increased demand on the vehicle's stock components. We have designed these high performance sway bar components to complement and further enhance your vehicle's performance. We strongly recommend you consider your specific driving requirements when upgrading your vehicle's suspension and select components accordingly.

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