AEM Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kit (30-2050)

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This RTD Style EGT sensor is specifically designed to monitor high temperature environments in the automotive applications.

Kit Contents:
- One RTD temperature sensor with male connector and male thread.
- One mating connector assembly.
- One weld-on bung w/female thread.

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Installation Suggestion:

Turbocharged engines:
1.5 upstream of the Turbine inlet with sensor axis in the vertical Plane and sensor end down.

Naturally aspirated:
1.5 downstream of the collector or end of exhaust manifold in the same configuration as for turbocharged applications.

The wiring for the unit is simple and consists of only 2 wires. Polarity is not important. For the 30-1000, 30-1001, 30-1002, 30-1010, 30-1012, 30-1020, 30-1100, and 30-1101 units, connect 1 wire to 5 volts and the other to an open EGT input channel on the EMS. On all other EMS units, connect 1 wire to a good ground and the other to an open EGT input channel on the EMS.

AEM EMS Calibration:
Use the Wizard in AEMPro to insert the proper values in your calibration file.

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Model Year Engine
Rx8 04-08 13B-MSP
Rx8 09-11 13B-MSP
Miata/Mx5 1990-1993 1.6L
Miata/Mx5 1994-1997 1.8L
Miata/Mx5 1999-2000 1.8L
Miata/Mx5 2001-2005 1.8L
Miata/Mx5 2006-2013 2.0L
Miata/Mx5 2016-2018 2.0L
Cosmo 90-95 20B
Rx7 1979 12A
Rx7 1980 12A
Rx7 1981 12A
Rx7 1982 12A
Rx7 1983 12A
Rx7 1984 12A
Rx7 1984 13B
Rx7 1985 12A
Rx7 1985 13B
Rx7 1986 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1987 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1987 Turbo
Rx7 1988 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1988 Turbo
Rx7 1989 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1989 Turbo
Rx7 1990 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1990 Turbo
Rx7 1991 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1991 Turbo
Rx7 1993 Automatic
Rx7 1993 Manual
Rx7 1994 Manual
Rx7 1994 Automatic
Rx7 1995 Manual
Rx7 1995 Automatic