AEM Serial Data-Stream Gauge (30-4300)

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AEM’s Serial Gauge plugs into a Series 2 or Series 1 EMS and has the ability to read up to 19 channels simultaneously. Read boost, AFR, EGT, H20 Temp, IAT, RPM, MPH and more on one gauge with an easy to read, digital LED interface! Users can link multiple Serial Gauges together to divide channel monitoring across several gauges.

These AEM Electronics serial datastream gauges plug directly into AEM's programmable engine management system (EMS). They provide reference for boost, AFR, EGT, water, IAT, knock, volts, rpm, vehicle speed, and more. AEM Power serial datastream gauges include a user-selectable LED display, allowing users to set vehicle-specific limits, warnings, display ranges, and operating ranges. They run the standard EMS datastream by default and include 12 preset channels and seven user-selectable channels that are custom-configurable through the PC interface, allowing you to monitor practically anything attached to a sensor. AEM's serial datastream gauges also include user-programmable MIN/MAX storage for every channel and record MIN/MAX values even if you are not using the function--if it's in the stream, the gauges record it.

Red, yellow, and green LEDs and the center 3-digit display are fully user-programmable as well, making them truly custom-configurable units. Users can set alarms for each channel so that when the signal exceeds a value, they notify you by flashing all LEDs and switching to the channel where the value was exceeded. User-selectable qualifiers eliminate false warning lights and they include two outputs to trigger ancillary warning lights based on user-selectable conditions. The AEM serial datastream gauges also include user-selectable alarm priority in the event that multiple alarms sound, allowing you to set alarm readouts in your order of priority. Also included are interchangeable silver and black bezels and pin guides and black and white faces for a customizable look. Quick-Connect technology allows you to install them and connect the wiring separately for easy installation and less chance of damage to the circuit board. They include a harness, wiring to connect to the EMS, a daisy-chain adapter for linking multiple gauges to one EMS, and software for a trouble-free installation.

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  • Monitor 19 channels simultaneously—it’s like having 19 gauges in one!
  • Works with AEM Programmable Engine Management Systems Only Excluding EMS-4
  • All necessary hardware and software included for installation
  • User-programmable datastream channels (PC interface)
  • User-programmable MIN/MAX values for every channel (PC interface)
  • Includes two input buttons for scrolling through displayed channels and for clearing MIN/MAX values
  • 24 user-programmable LEDs and three-digit center display (PC interface)
  • User-selectable alarm values include qualifiers to eliminate false warnings
  • User-selectable alarm priorities in the event multiple alarms are triggered
  • Two outputs included to trigger ancillary warning lights or other devices (lights not included)
  • Silver and black bezels and pin guides, and black and white faceplates included for creating custom look
  • Quick-Connect technology eases installation
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