Amsoil Power Foam Engine Cleaner (AMS-APFSC)

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When your rotary engine has no compression and broken apex seals are not the culprit then this might help remove carbon to free up your seals and springs in order to allow for increased compression.

  • Improves starting and performance.
  • Cleans dirty intake systems and spark plugs.
  • Works inside and outside the engine.
  • Recommended for carburetor and fuel injectors.
  • Also removes gum, varnish and carbon deposits from engine exterior surfaces.



Disconnect your ignition fuse, and spray the entire can into your intake and crank it a couple times to ensure that all 3 sides of each rotor are coated thoroughly. Let it sit for a couple hours then install your ignition fuse and start it up.

This should free up your apex seals if they are stuck in the compressed position with carbon. It may be necessary to install new spark plugs afterward if they are fouled out.

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Model Year Engine
Rx8 04-08 13B-MSP
Rx8 09-11 13B-MSP
Miata/Mx5 1990-1993 1.6L
Miata/Mx5 1994-1997 1.8L
Miata/Mx5 1999-2000 1.8L
Miata/Mx5 2001-2005 1.8L
Miata/Mx5 2006-2013 2.0L
Miata/Mx5 2016-2018 2.0L
Cosmo 90-95 20B
Rx7 1979 12A
Rx7 1980 12A
Rx7 1981 12A
Rx7 1982 12A
Rx7 1983 12A
Rx7 1984 12A
Rx7 1984 13B
Rx7 1985 12A
Rx7 1985 13B
Rx7 1986 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1987 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1987 Turbo
Rx7 1988 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1988 Turbo
Rx7 1989 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1989 Turbo
Rx7 1990 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1990 Turbo
Rx7 1991 Non-Turbo
Rx7 1991 Turbo
Rx7 1993 Automatic
Rx7 1993 Manual
Rx7 1994 Manual
Rx7 1994 Automatic
Rx7 1995 Manual
Rx7 1995 Automatic