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Engine Rebuild Pricing

Year Model List Core Charge
79-80 12A 4200.00 450.00
81-82 12A 4200.00 450.00
83-85 12A 4200.00 450.00
84-85 / 74-78 13B 5000.00 600.00
86-88 N/A 13B 4300.00 450.00
87-88 TII 13B Turbo 4500.00 600.00
89-91 N/A 13B 4450.00 550.00
89-91 TII 13B Turbo 4500.00 600.00
93-95 13B Turbo 5600.00 1000.00
Rx8 Renesis 5200.00 1000.00
Street Porting & Polishing 550.00  
Bridge Porting & Polishing 975.00 Not available for Rx8
Machine Rotors to 3mm 400.00 For two rotors
Balance Rotating Assembly 350.00  
Water Jacket Mod 200.00  

 All engines with the exception of 12A come with new rotor housings. 12A engines come with re-tooled rotor housings.

Install Gasket kits are provided with every engine purchase free of charge.

Want to know the difference between our rebuild kits?
Check our rebuild kit chart.

Atkins Rotary does not accept credit cards on engine purchases.

If you find engines cheaper elsewhere its because they assume that they are going to rebuild your core and that all your parts are reusable. However that is very rarely the case. This means that if they are charging you $1600 for a rebuilt engine then you are basically paying $1600 for a gasket kit, apex seals and labor, look for the price to increase once they receive your engine.

One time shipping charge covers engine and core shipments. You will receive your new re-manufactured engine in a shipping crate, please transfer all parts from your old engine to the new engine, place the old engine in the crate, seal it up and call us to arrange for shipping to pick up your core and return it to us. The return shipping paperwork will be enclosed with your envelope and warranty. In the event you need these for shipping please let us know and we will fax them to you. All shipments will be sent COD via a trucking line. A certified check will be needed for the driver at the time of delivery.

Core deposit refunds are as follows: Evaluation of 12 main components divided on an equal percentage.

For example, if we can use half the parts from your core, you will get half your core back; if we can use them all you will get your entire core charge back.


The 12 main components are:
2 - Rotor Housings
3 - Cast Irons
1 - Eccentric Shaft
2 - Rotors
2 - Stationary Gears
1 - Oil Pump
1 - Front Cover



If we can not use any of your 12 main engine components for our engine rebuilding purposes you will not receive any core refund.

Please note that the core must not have been previously disassembled, like this one. To expedite your core refund please include a copy of your invoice. If you have a warranted manufacture defect with one of our engines within the warranty period of 2 years or 24,000 miles we will remedy the problem at a labor rate of $30.00 per hour, based upon book rates.