Microtech LT-10C Computer Kit (MT-LT-10C-Kit)

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Microtech ECU gathers information from your cars standard sensors and continually alters the fuel flow and ignition curves giving you the best possible tune.

  • Uses factory fitted sensors.
  •  Factory fitted with preprogrammed chip to suit your car.
  •  Easy installation.
  •  Found in many of Australia's top street and drag cars.
  •  Real time engine information is available.
  •  Complete control of your cars engine management system.
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      8 lbs
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    Please Select..., USB Laptop Adapter, Serial Port Laptop Adapter, Handheld Controller
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    Please Select..., 86-88 N/A Rx7, 87-88 Turbo Rx7, 89-92 N/A Rx7, 89-92 Turbo Rx7, 93-95 Turbo Rx7

Microtech LT-10C Computer Kit includes:

  • LT-10C ECU
  • Wire Harness
  • Laptop Adapter & Software or Handset Controller (Please make selection)
  • Coils

The Microtech Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is a microprocessor based computer, which the user can program to meet the specific running demands of an engine. The latest LT series computers are the next step on from the older MT series computers. The LT series has been developed to incorporate Laptop tuning.

The advantage of the Microtech ECU over similarly priced units is that the Microtech is fitted with a factory programmed chip allowing you to start your car as soon as the installation is finished. Once the engine is started, adjustments are easily made through your Microtech Hand Controller, allowing you to alter settings and maps to suit your engines needs.

Other advantages of the Microtech ECUs is the ability to display real time engine information and log information on your engines performance. Tuning can be made easier by using your own laptop installed with Microtechs laptop software, allowing you to get a bigger picture of what your engine is doing and when.

Even though the setup and installation is simple, the system does not lack the technology to make your street or race car perform. With 256 load points on the main map, you can make adjustments to:

  • Idle RPM.
  • Wide open throttle RPM. (varies the amount of fuel or ignition at wide open throttle at various loads)
  • RPM Cruise. (varies the amount of fuel while maintaining a constant speed)
  • Accelerator Pump (supplies additional fuel and timing as the throttle is opened to allow crisp acceleration)
  • Water Temp. adjustments. (adds or subtracts fuel according to engine coolant temperature)
  • Air Temp. adjustments. (adjust fuel and ignition for ambient temperature changes)
  • Cranking Fuel. (assist the engine with starting by supplying additional fuel)

Overall the Microtech ECU allows complete control over your engine management system. If you are wondering whether the Microtech ECU range is good enough for your car, all you need to do is to look at the number of successful teams using Microtech. From 6 second drag cars in the USA to the many circuit teams around Australia.

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