84-91 13B N/A Holley Intake & Carburetor Kit - Stock Porting (18045)

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We offer a Racing Beat-engineered and modified Holley Carburetor Intake Kit for all 1984-91 13B Stock Port (non-ported) 6-Port engines. Racing Beat-Modified High Performance Holley Intake Systems, manufactured for more than 30 years, have established themselves as an ideal way to increase the horsepower output of the 13B rotary engine at a very economical price. This is especially advantageous when compared to the alternative: expensive replacement fuel injection systems with their required software, hardware, and increased complexity.

These carburetor intake kits are a popular and economical alternative for a failed fuel injection system on a stock engine. The complete kit includes an extensively modified 600 CFM Holley "Double Pumper" carburetor (mechanical secondary & manual choke), a Racing Beat cast aluminum intake manifold, the popular Racing Beat Power Pulse Air Filter Canister with filter, basic throttle and metering oil pump linkages (1984-88 applications), gaskets, and detailed installation instructions.

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Tuned By Racing Beat
The delivered-new, Holley 600 CFM carburetor included in this kit has been extensively disassembled and re-built at the Racing Beat facility in order to optimize the power output for the 13B 6-port application. One of most significant benefits of our complete ready-to-go kit is that is takes all the guesswork, trial-and-error, and frustration out of attempting to assemble, let alone tune, your own intake kit! We've taken over 40 years of our rotary engine experience and know-how and combined it for you in this complete, ready-to-install kit. Our intake kit has been thoroughly developed and tested using our in-house engine dyno to ensure maximum performance for each specific engine application.

Depending on your application, you may need to fabricate or purchase specific components to complete installation for your particular application. We suggest you review the Installation Manual (see link above) to review the installation process. This kit does not make provisions for the operation of the Mazda-installed cruise control unit.

Fuel Pump
You will need to purchase and install a fuel pump that provides a 6 PSI delivery with a minimum 20 GPH rating - selection will depend largely on installation location. The stock fuel pump unit is designed to provide high pressure (40+ PSI) for a fuel injected intake and is not compatible with this carburetor application. It is NOT recommended that a fuel regulator be used to reduce the stock fuel pump pressure to 6 PSI - the stock pump will fail. We recommend the Mallory 4070M fuel pump for this application.

1984-85 GSL-SE - The stock fuel pump on this chassis is externally mounted (outside of the fuel tank) and must be replaced with a suitable unit and the appropriate fuel line fittings.

1986-92 (All models) - The fuel pump on this chassis is mounted internally in the fuel tank. The pump must be replaced with an appropriate internally mounted unit, or an external pump configuration must be designed and fabricated. (Moderate fabrication skills are required for this conversion.)

Manual Choke Mechanism
Installation of a manual choke can be accomplished using the Holley Choke Control Cable and In-car Mounting Bracket.

Optimum performance from the installation of this kit requires that a performance exhaust system be installed on the vehicle. The following exhaust configurations are ranked in order of performance potential:

1. Long primary header - dual-tube connecting pipe - rear muffler(s). (i.e. Road/Race Exhaust System)
2. Streetable Header/Presilencer - y-pipe - rear mufflers.
3. Downpipe/Presilencer - y-pipe - rear mufflers.

This intake kit is not intended for use on applications that retain the catalytic converters and stock exhaust system. If the stock exhaust system is retained, horsepower, throttle response, and performance will be compromised.

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