3mm Rx7 Solid Corner Seal Set (ARE89)

3mm Rx7 Solid Corner Seal Set (ARE89)

(12) Patented 3mm Solid Corner Seals, for use on all 12A and 13B 3mm applications.

This is an excellent upgrade to any engine. These are desirable under high boost or nitrous applications. This was designed by David Atkins and has been patented.

This is a one piece corner seal. These can be used in place of the 2 piece Mazda corner seals with plugs. Can be used with the wire type corner seal spring or the 93-95 HP wafer type spring, which is recommended.

Mazda basically copied our design with the Rx8, getting rid of their faulty rubber corner seal plug and opting for a steel one basically making their corner seals solid like these.

Do not use these with lapped side housings.

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